In Loving memory of RICHARD MERRELL

JULY 1949 - SEPTEMBER 2021

"We miss you, Rest now, not in pain no more"

Dad was responsible for me getting into Cars, Electronics and PCs.
He bought a Amstrad 1512 CGA 8086 PC in 1986. He also
Bought a Sega Master System 1 with "Ghost House" and "Fantasy Zone"
Which would latter become my 2 favourite games on the system......


Dad holding me as a baby. Around 1978.

Dad's War medials

Warragamba Dam were Dad and I went a lot. Dad grew up there and his Father helped to build the Dam.

Dad and I were also members of the NSW Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.
Dad served the NSW RFS for over 39 Years. He was given a Long Service Medal more than once!

Dad's Bush Fire and Long service medials

Here is Wentworth Falls lake. Were Dad and I used to go to relax and feed the ducks :-)